Immediate Delivery

The Autosalone Paul is able to manage both the purchase of a used car is the barter of a vehicle in a single appointment, organizing all with punctuality and precision. After choosing a car, having made arrangements with the seller, you can make an appointment for viewing, the road test and the possible transfer of ownership.

In just minutes you can complete the purchase of your car with the practice for the transfer of ownership already forwarded and insurance provisional 5 days or alternatively obtain already have valid insurance for the vehicle purchased; or obtain a test plate or with a car transporter.

The payment methods accepted by us are:

  • Cashier's check issued by the bank vs sending the copy on the day prior to withdrawal;
  • Bank transfer (expects the crediting of money on the c / c);
  • Cash (amount with the extent permitted by law);

Note: for the transfer of ownership will need the following documents:

Document of Identity or residence permit (in the case of foreign nationals)
Tax Code,
Driver's license,
Insurance in progress at the time of delivery
In the case of companies: document and a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of the LR Chamber.

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