About Us

Showroom Paul was born in Bologna from an idea cultivated for years by Mr. Paul N. Ngeh, born in Cameroon (part of Anglo-Saxon) in 1978, a law graduate, native speakers of English and French, in 2002 moved to Italy. The passion for cars has always had in the blood and is realized after the experience in managing one's own transport and logistics.
Within a few years he ceffettuato Trade and operated a fleet of vehicles, is constituted by vehicles from commercial vehicles.
Following the sale of the company and its means, it was finally decided to follow his true passion and devote himself exclusively to trade pure motor vehicle.

Paul showroom is sinking its roots exploiting web channels, social networks to grow and expand.

Our motto "Change ... Change Car Life", because we think that owning a car nice and safe makes life better, more peaceful, conveys the right push to deal with the waves of life every day .... " Change car ... Change your life "!!!


Paul dealership operates choosing used cars and business, with extreme care especially for safety and reliability. Before delivery to the customer all the cars are checked, tagliandate, demonstrable by Certificate of Conformity drawn at authorized workshop, and guaranteed for 1 year from date of purchase.

The seriousness, transparency and savings are part of our corporate philosophy to face the market so competitive.


Immediate delivery at our facility with processing of paperwork and transfer of ownership.

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